Get Your Sugar In Control

2 Types DiabetesMellitus (DM)and Diabetes Insipidus (DI)

DM is most commonly Characterized by hyperglycemia (Blood Sugar), Dyslipidemia (abnormallipid profile) & Derangement of the hormone insulin. It can be of 2 types T1DM & T2DM. In T1 there is a lack of insulin leading to Hyperglycemia and in T2 There is insulin resistance due to Hyperlipidemia and fats leading to hyperglycemia can be treated by regulating lifestyle & diet.

But no need to panic because we got your back. With proper guidance and diet, we assure you that you will be able to get your diabetes in control.

Planning and Prep

A good plan put to execution can never stop you from achieving success and we here at Fitness Vitness make the whole experience positive and enjoyable for you!

  • Diet Tips to be followed
  • Snack and Meal Ideas
  • Daily Workout Routine
  • Nutrition Facts and Food Labels