Cleanse Your Body From Inside Out

Detox diets are generally shortterm dietary interventions designed to eliminate toxins from your body.

A typical detox diet involves a period of fasting, followed by a strict diet of fruit, vegetables, fruit juices, and water. Sometimes a detox also includes herbs, teas, supplements, and colon cleanse or enemas.

But if you don’t control your eating habits and maintain a good diet after the detox diet, you might end up looking the way you were before.

We here at Fitness Vitness, support you through your weight loss journey and give you a proper diet regime that fits your needs.

Planning and Prep

A good plan put to execution can never stop you from achieving success and we here at Fitness Vitness make the whole experience positive and enjoyable for you!

  • Diet Tips to be followed
  • Snack and Meal Ideas
  • Daily Workout Routine
  • Nutrition Facts and Food Labels